The fully privately owned Galvanplastik Ltd. was established in 1990. In the first years the company dealt with trading as a main activity. This was then broadened with plastic injection in 1992 and with electroplating on plastic in 1998.

Our firm also deals with additional services which are closely connected to injection moulding and electroplating: spare parts and tools planning, tools handling and maintaining, choosing material and supporting new products developments.

The above mentioned services are sustained by a young, motivated, dynamic, well-educated and experienced team. At present we have 70 colleagues, working in a 3-shift work-schedule.

The head office and premise of the company is in Székesfehérvár, 60 kms South-West of Budapest.

Galvanplastik Ltd. is unique from the point of view that the injection moulding and electroplating plants are physically next to each other. Both plants are placed in a 1500 m2 halls each. The structure of the halls were planned so, that there is the possibility to enlarge them easily should the demand call for it in the future.



Plastic plant

Electroplating plant

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GalvanPlastik Kft: +36 22 514 270
+36 22 511 674