The profile of our electroplating plant is the three-layer galvanization on plastics done with the FUTURON  method, what was developed by the Atotech GmbH, which is a unique technology in Central - Eastern Europe. This technology makes the direct galvanization possible on plastic surfaces.

The application areas of the electroplated equipments:

  1. automotive industry;
  2. furniture industry;
  3. white good industry;
  4. medical industry;
  5. telecommunication;
  6. electronics.

Our electroplating plant has the capability of producing in small, as well as in large series.

Recommended materials for electroplating:

-   ABS (Polylac 727, Cycolac S705, Novodur P2MC, Blayblend T45)

Surface types after electroplating:

  1. bright nickel
  2. mat nickel
  3. bright chrome
  4. mat chrome
  5. gold
  6. mat gold

We are continuously developing our technological equipments according to the high quality requirements of our customers. Based on this concept we have established our laboratory and tool maker workshop.

Enviromental protection

The most important question in the field of electroplating is the handling and annihilating the inorganic materials and salts what we use during our production. Our company is committed to protecting the enviroment, therefore we take the utmost care to handling these materials so, that there is no harmful damage being caused to the enviroment exceeding the strict limits.

In April 2006 we introduced the  Cr3+ technology which is unprecedented in Central - Eastern Europe to be in line with the RoHs directive published by the European Union. This very Directive bans the use of Cr6+ during the production of electronical equipments.

Work related Health & Safety considerations:

Maintaining the proper condition of the air is a relevant work related health consideration what we ensure with using special extractor system.

Products of our
 Electroplating plant

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