Our plastic plant produces plastic parts mainly for the automotive, domestic entertainment, electronics and telecommunication industry.

Spare parts production

We design the requested plastic parts (using CAD-CAM, PRO-E etc.) for our custormers in case they are not having yet ready plans. Our trusted subcontractors, who we work together with for more than a decade, can make the mould plans and the mould itself. In the life of our company the number of such products are more than 100.

Mould design

Our subcontractors can also do the planning, making and the maintaining of the moulds.


We have good personal relationship with our resin supplier. We can tackle material purchasing from the plastic granules, paintings, lacquers to the silicone rubber keypads.

Injection moulding

We have 15 injection moulding machines with a range of moulding presses from 30 tons to 200 tons. We can produce parts from the simple keytop shapes to the complicated sprue trees with keys and also undertake the production both small and large series of appliance-houses and other complex appliance units. We perform 100% self-check on each injected part to ensure the highest quality by supervising the whole process.

Tampon printing

We can do almost any colour printing, any symbol or logo printing onto the surface of the injected parts using one of our 14 tampon printing machines. We can produce precise printing without considerable abrasion due to our strict production technology requirements.


We also prepared to do the lacquering of the injected parts, with which we can fullfill all aesthetic requirements


In our assembly department we are equipped with 10 pneumatic cutting and assembly machines. We cut the keys out of the injected sprue trees and assemble them on the silicone rubber keypads with the help of the machines. More than this, we can solve other assembly jobs according to our customers' demands.

Enviromental protection

The goal of our injection moulding plant is to ensure the protection of the enviroment with handling the hazardous waste properly. Prevention is essential for us! In the case of any enviromental damage we take immediate steps to cease and reduce that. We are aware of and we fully adhere to all laws and official instructions in place during our steps towards protecting the enviroment.



Products of our
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